Please sign our petition. For those who haven't yet seen it, the text reads: "We, the undersigned, oppose (1) deer killing/harvesting in the City of Austin and (2) the use of City funds for deer killing." As of Saturday, February 19, we have MORE than 500 signatures, with approximately 300 from the 78731 and 78759 ZIP codes. Thank you, all! Keep up the good work!

Deer Austin: Our Platform PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teresa Ferguson   


·     Austin is the first Texas Certified Community Wildlife Habitat, promoting the creation and conservation of wildlife habitats through community-wide collaboration and public education (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/wildlifehabitat.htm)

·     Austin is recognized as a leader in Texas in the provision of animal services. And many stakeholder groups have advocated for Austin to join the ranks of “No Kill” cities. (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us)

·      Austin citizens greatly value trees in their city – with green spaces encouraged and often required in new urban development (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/forestry.htm)

·      Austin’s green spaces attract wildlife

And whereas…

·      Austin already has adopted an ordinance relating to the intentional feeding of deer (http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/health/eh_ifodo.htm)

·      Austin, as frequently reported, does NOT have discretionary funds to pay for vital city services, let alone lethal deer harvesting (i.e. KILLING DEER)

 Therefore, be it resolved that…

We, the residents and concerned neighbors of 78731, strongly oppose any and all lethal means to reduce the deer population in our neighborhood and our City. Instead, we propose 1) increasing communication about and enforcement of the City’s existing deer-feeding ordinance; 2) exploring other non-lethal means of wildlife control, e.g. motion-triggered light or noise deterrents; 3) educating residents about the benefits of deer-compatible urban landscapes; and 4) implementing measures to slow traffic in 78731 neighborhoods to protect all persons, animals and property.

Other points:

1.    Lethal harvesting (i.e. KILLING DEER) is expensive. As Austin recovers from the most recent recession and braces for additional cuts in state funding expected in the next Texas legislative session, AND as we face already-imposed cuts to valuable city / community services, we ask: Does the City really have the discretionary funds to pursue such a controversial measure as the lethal harvesting of deer?

2.    The green spaces in the 78731 zip code are interwoven and interconnected with our homes and neighborhood parks. Any animal trap-and-kill activities in these spaces will be taking place ADJACENT to our backyards, playgrounds, etc. The potential harmful effect on children who happen to witness or are otherwise exposed to these activities is unthinkable.

3.    Lethal harvesting (i.e. KILLING DEER) is a short-term “fix.” When animals are killed/removed from the area, more will simply move in to occupy the newly vacant niche. The resultant spike in the food supply will prompt accelerated breeding and an increase in deer population numbers. What you will have is a vicious killing cycle in which many animals will suffer and die needlessly. The only long-term way to control deer populations is to contain available food sources and modify the affected area so that it is unattractive or inaccessible to them. (Source: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)


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