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Please sign our petition. For those who haven't yet seen it, the text reads: "We, the undersigned, oppose (1) deer killing/harvesting in the City of Austin and (2) the use of City funds for deer killing." As of Saturday, February 19, we have MORE than 500 signatures, with approximately 300 from the 78731 and 78759 ZIP codes. Thank you, all! Keep up the good work!

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Written by Robin   
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 17:47

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), "white-tailed deer are an important natural resource and a part of Texas’ natural heritage."

Some people want to eradicate this natural resource.

However, some of us who live in the 78731 zip code of Austin, Texas, enjoy our wild neighbors. We view our opposition to "lethal harvesting," aka deer-killng, quite basically as an animal rights issue, a property rights issue and a taxpayer issue.

Everyone has some standard for when it is okay to kill an animal. For many people, if not most, eating flowers does NOT meet the standard.

Second, we think living among the deer adds to the character and value of our neighborhood. We have a right to that.

Finally, if some folks want to trap and kill the deer, let them do it in their own yards and use their own money for it. Don't use my money. Don't use our money.

We welcome all visitors and supporters. Feel free to add comments and suggestions about links and resources to add to the site. This is a project in motion.

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0 #4 Lee 2011-01-19 20:27
the deer overpopulation is a direct result of the killing of natural predators and the very successful screwworm eradication program. Having removed the natural controls, the only solution is to harvest the excess deer. There are research programs ongoing to find a contraceptive that will render this solution moot, but they are far from a successful result.

All PETA's whining won't change the facts - we need to cut the population of whitetail by at least 2/3 on a regular basis. Bambi may be cute, but they are devastating to the habitat. They have already denuded most of their natural forage due to overpopulation.

The meat will feed a lot of hungry people - Caritas takes processed venison and uses it to feed the homeless.

City people have little understanding of the realities of livestock and predator management - they see 'cute' and reason goes out the window.
0 #3 michael ibison 2011-01-09 12:30
I thoroughly agree with the analysis and sentiments expressed here by Robin in 'Project in Motion'.
0 #2 Max McCready 2011-01-08 12:14
I've lived here since 1998, and fully agree with Yvonne. The deer are integral to our neighborhood, and actually one of the aspects I most enjoy.
I think there is a further point to be made though, which is that I personally would find it unappealing to know that the deer were being intentionally eliminated in my neighborhood. I would much prefer the accidental deaths on the roads than to know that in the area surrounding me, deer were being hunted down. It is very unfortunate that car crashes do result, but any alternative solution would be much more appealing to me as a resident than intentionally seeking to reduce the deer population.
0 #1 Yvonne Becerra 2010-12-12 18:16
I've lived in this neighborhood since 1995 and walk everyday, almost 352 days out of the year, both mornings and evenings. So, the deer have been part of my walking experience. Without out question, the population has grown but so has the human population. The deer are not the problem--it's speeding drivers. Let's ask City Council to review Animal Control's records to see where most of the dead animal pick ups are and my guess is you'll see that most of the deer are killed on Mesa or near school zones. Instead of a sharpshooter, we need speed bumps and police patrols to enforce speed limits and monitor cell phone users.

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